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Paul M. Metzger


Paul has a passion for learning, particularly in the field of technology.  His love for technology led him to work for a number of technology companies, from industry giants such as MCI Telecommunications, to advanced cutting-edge VoIP Start-ups. During his seventeen years as an engineer, Paul has managed, co-developed, and implemented Advanced Technologies in IT, IS, and Network Engineering.  His accomplishments include the development of a state of health algorithm for Predictive Failure Analysis and the first Artificial Intelligent (AI) Self-Healing network that provided 99.99998% availability; this availability remains unchallenged.  During this time, Paul was also honored to have worked under the guidance of Dr. Vinton Cerf on the design and deployment of the Internet in the U.S.A. and Canada and the development of MCI's Network Centric Computing initiative ("Cloud" Services 1998). Other engineering activities included the redesign and engineering of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange network, WEPEX/ISO Five State Electric Grid Management, and the U.S. Government's FTS2000 Communications Optimization.  Creating Secure National and Foreign government networks were also amongst his endeavors. 


Later Paul embarked on a career change into Procurement, focusing on what was to become his forte; Vendor and Contract Management, Process Improvement, Asset Management, and Contract Negotiations. During his 15 years in Procurement, Paul developed skills, techniques, and processes that allow him to significantly impact contractual terms and conditions and vendor performance that consistently result in significant savings for his clients. Paul delights in finding and negotiating contractual nuances that affect Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) and performance.  As a result, he has successfully saved his engagements up to hundreds of millions of dollars in CapEx, OpEx, Processes, and Asset Management costs while improving overall quality and functionality. 


When not learning about the latest technologies or negotiating contracts, Paul enjoys fishing, kayaking, multiple outdoor sports, Amateur Radio, and more.


He believes “Teamwork Drives Success. Never Give Up, Never Surrender. Always Strive for the Best!”

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