Asset Management Services Available but not limited to the following areas:

  • Hard & Soft Inventory Audits

  • Implementation of Asset Management Processes and Technology (Bar Coding, RFID, GIS, Time Critical Management, Temperature Critical Management, etc.)

  • Provide Guidelines for Local, State, Federal and International Asset Disposition

  • DARPA & FTC International Regulations & Compliance

  • RIO & R2 Compliance

  • Material Reclamations/Disposition Processes and Procedures

  • Resell and Tax-Deduction Programs

  • Reduce IT Refresh Cost with Self-Funding Contribution Programs

  • Asset Management/Reclamation

  • Environmental Compliance RIOS, R2, EPA, FTC

  • IT Software Licensing Compliance and Risk/Penalty mitigation

  • Inventory Management Bar Coding/RFID

  • M&A Due Diligence

  • Optimized Disposition with full transfer of Liability

  • Life Cycle Management and Depreciation and Tax Credits

  • Other services available upon request!

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