In 1996 the development of the Contract Management and Optimization tool by MCI Advanced Engineering, detailed Contract Analysis and Management. It provides the ability to maximize negotiation successes, while eliminating Vendor sponsored, last-minute renewals, eliminate or negotiate Vendor-forced renewal Intervals, price increases, liquidated damages for Vendor and Product performance issues, Dev compliance, excessive “Change Order” charges, enforcement of Vendor product Support/Dev responsibilities, elimination of vague terms & conditions, and more.

   The first Vendor Score Card system developed by Advanced Technology Engineering at MCI Telecommunications Corporation in 1996 to assure Vendor performance. The deployment of several large high technology Network designs/implementations confirmed a need for a mutual tracking and performance tool.  The unique Score Card evaluates both the Vendor and Client, establishing a high level of credibility. The improved Score Card was shared with Deloitte in 2011 along with the improved Contract Management tool.