Why Choose $pecter$ystemTechnologies??

The SST team is dedicated to finding and providing cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed your requirements.

Our combined multi-discipline engineering and multi-industry experience provide you with maximized cost-savings and risk mitigation.

SST finds cost-savings and opportunities that other providers of similar services never even thought of!

We use our innovative processes and procedures to maximize cost-savings for our clients while simultaneously improving their customer relations and public image.

SpecterSystemTechnologies subjects itself to the same high standards and performance analysis that are expected of your Vendors/Suppliers.

Our fees and service charges are never a surprise. Our Client's management know all cost and savings on a monthly basis.

SST Negotiation Fees are a fixed percentage of the contract cost savings plus expenses.

  • If SST does not provide your company with savings on the negotiation, you are responsible only for the incurred expenses.

  • All expenses will be preapproved by the client.

  • The client and SST will document previous cost-details with the associated department, accounting, and management prior to the Negotiation engagement. 

  • The Client and SST will agree on a fixed Percentage for all Cost Savings prior to Savings Negotiations

SST follows best practices and believes firmly in regular and concise, high-level communication.

SpecterSystemTechnologies has established a 30+ year history of obtaining higher than average discounts, vendor concessions, and more robust solutions than the industry average.

Dedication, Experience, Enthusiasm & Success 

    The SST experience and dedication revolves around our clients receiving the services and performance contracted for, without incurring excessive undefined fees. Accordingly, a thorough and robust Analysis is included as a standard element upon completion of the associated SST engagement of our repertoire of services.  With our flat rate service contracts and competitive hourly fees, fixed percentage fees, and budget spend notifications, you will always know exactly how much your business is spending and saving; No Surprises.


 $$T is dedicated to our Clients success

An example of the outcome of a Client engagement of Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Analysis and subsequent RFP yielded three Vendor proposals.  The Client’s existing contract had an RTO/RPO of four days.  Three Vendor responses were compliant with the RFP.  Two Vendor proposals with a two-day guaranteed RTO/RPO with minimal cost savings and one proposal with a thirty-minute guaranteed RTO/RPO. The thirty-minute proposal was $2.5 million less than the lowest two-day proposal; Experience, Dedication, Enthusiasm and $uccess!